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August 2012, Volume 5 Issue 7 

C What's Happening

Webinars All Access

Never miss another webinar! Catalyst has created a new member benefit: access to a recording of the webinar after the event. This webinar retrospective service is available for all members, and can be downloaded from the Catalyst website. In addition to the recording, the sidebar will include any related tools, flyers, or other information related to the webinar. Current webinars available are:

Catalyst also released a powerful members-only tool: Global Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Inclusion: Advocating Change Across Contexts. This series of questions guides users to think critically about potential barriers to LGBT inclusion, and suggests how to implement successful policies and programs across contexts. Additionally, a suite of Diversity & Inclusion practices are available to highlight real-world examples of how leading organizations are working to support the LGBT population.

The Catalyst Canada Honours

  • Save the date for The Catalyst Canada Honours Conference: Join us on the afternoon of November 5, 2012 for The Catalyst Canada Honours Conference, an inaugural event sponsored by CIBC. This half-day of presentations and discussions will provide attendees with additional opportunities to engage with our Champions and other business leaders. Check back for registration information.
  • Sponsor a table for The Catalyst Canada Honours Dinner: Make sure you’re part of the celebration on November 5, 2012, at the Fairmont Royal York, Toronto from 6:00PM – 9:00PM. The dinner will be chaired by Bill Downe, President & CEO, BMO Financial Group, and the reception is sponsored by Scotiabank. Book your table now!

Webinar: Catalyst Member Benchmarking: Vital Signs

On August 9, 2012, join Deepali Bagati, PhD, Senior Advisor, Mumbai, India; Brande Stellings, JD, Vice President, Advisory Services, Professional Services Practice; and Jennifer Kohler, Director, Advisory Services, as they introduce a new Catalyst member benefit: Vital Signs. Vital Signs aims to help Catalyst members identify where their organizations are stuck, and make change on the diversity and inclusion (D&I) front. This invitation-only webinar focuses on the local context in India, and is recommended for talent managers, line leaders, divisional managers, partners, and others involved in D&I or interested in quick, easy, and effective ways to gain insight into their workforce. Contact Jean Choi for more information.


Can Training White Men Help Create Inclusive Workplaces?

Men—and white men in particular—have a critical role to play in creating inclusive workplaces. But how can companies support this group as they step up to the challenge of shaping inclusive leadership? Calling All White Men: Can Training Help Create Inclusive Workplaces?, the third report in Catalyst's Engaging Men series , takes an in-depth look at the approach one Catalyst member company, Rockwell Automation, pursued. Download the full report to see the amazing results they achieved.


New Road Show Coming to Town 

Catalyst Europe AG, along with Catalyst Award-winning sponsor Sodexo, will be holding a series of events to delve into longitudinal Catalyst research on high-potential candidates, as well as concrete practices that led Sodexo to its 2012 Catalyst Award. These events are open to all members. Events are as follows:  

  • London: September 25, 2012

  • Madrid: October 1, 2012
  • Milan: November 14, 2012

Contact us for further details.


Sponsoring Women to Success

Join Sean Finn, EVP, Corporate Services and Chief Legal Officer, CN; Javier San Juan, President & CEO, L’Oréal Canada; and a senior leader from CIBC as they participate in a panel discussion on Sponsoring Women to Success. This Montreal event on September 25, 2012 at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth will be conducted in French, and covers panelists’ experiences of the benefits of sponsorship, both as protégés and as sponsors. They will also describe how organizations can create environments that support sponsorship. The panel will be facilitated by Sunniva Sorby, Membership Manager, Catalyst, and is sponsored by CIBC. Contact [email protected] for more information.

As We C It


Why We Need to Bust the Myth of Meritocracy

In her Catalyzing guest-post, VP of Research Jeanine Prime had this to say about the myth that women don’t want to get ahead, or don’t try: "Too many women and men held the view that in business and in life we all get exactly what we deserve—that we are all rewarded in a manner commensurate with our talents." But as Catalyst research proves, this is far from true.


Feminists, Speak Up

Do you consider yourself a feminist? If you think feminism is so last-century, a visit to athousandreasons.com might have you rethinking that position. Athousandreasons.com started when British journalist Linda Grant tweeted an experience she had when she applied for a department store credit card in 1979. One that required a male signature.

Unfortunately her story is not unique, and the Twitterverse exploded with more recent tales of egregious behavior. Said Deborah Gillis in CanCon, "Sexism made feminists necessary. Perhaps, when sexism disappears from our daily lives, I’ll consider saying 'I’m not a feminist.'" Read more…


Innovation as Necessity

This issue of CORE captures some of the standout attitudes and approaches of our engaged partners and leaders—because policy alone can only get us so far. As Howard Lovell, CEO, Deloitte, Switzerland writes: “We hear a lot about innovation. To me, it means finding different ways of meeting the needs of the market, motivating our people and satisfying our stakeholders. Today, given the challenges faced by the global economy, there is a greater sense of immediacy to innovation. The responsibility of leadership is to generate confidence and demonstrate authentically that, in these tough times, there is a future to aspire to.”

Catalyst Tweet of the Month

The facts are in: pass it on, and pay it forward. http://bit.ly/NuXUDw

Men Advocating Real Change (MARC)

Doing Our Superman Thing: The Perils of Being a Good Guy

Don't get caught up in “look how cool I am” moments. So says MARC Blogger Martin Davidson. “I think the greatest opportunity to drive change in gender relations is not so much in fixing … jerks. Instead, the most powerful motor for change comes from looking at the motivations and behaviors of us “good guys” who vigilantly hold the “bad guys” accountable.” Read more…

Catalyst Making Headlines

July heated up for Catalyst in the news, with articles on engaging white men in diversity, what Marissa Mayer’s appointment means for women in tech, and more: The New York Times, “On Wall St., Gender Bias Runs Deep”; Wall Street Journal, “ A Little Diversity Training Goes a Long Way”; The Glass Hammer, “How to Get White Men to Join the Diversity Movement ”; TwinCities.com, “Pregnant Yahoo CEO Reignites Women's 'Have it All' Debate”; The Nation, “Marissa Mayer as CEO: Don’t Expect Trickle-Down Feminism”; The Atlantic Wire, “Awful Stereotypes About Women Are Alive and Well on Wall Street”; The Washington Post, “White Men, the ‘Cheater’s High’ and Other Interesting Leadership Research From the Week”; Forbes, “Shut Up, Sheryl Sandberg: Millennial Women Reject Role Models, Mentors”; IT Business Edge, “White Men Need to Lead the Inclusiveness Charge in the Work Place”; Press Trust of India, “India Inc Yet to Say Yahoo! to Expecting Mothers as CEO.”

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