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August 2, 2011
Global Development Forum

August 11, 2011
Webinar: Why Diversity Matters

August 30, 2011
Women in the Workplace Town Hall Discussion: Atlanta

September 13-16, 2011
Women in the Economy Summit: San Francisco, CA

September 14, 2011
Catalyst Connects: Calgary

September 21-23, 2011
Catalyst Corporate Board Governance Symposium

September 26, 2011
Women of CoreNet Global Conference: Frisco, TX

September 29, 2011
Executive Leadership Meeting: Windsor, UK

October 18, 2011
The Catalyst Canada Honours: Toronto


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August 2011, Volume 3 Issue 7 

C What's Happening

Stepping Up to the Plate

Sponsorship matters. In fact, high-level sponsors can help a woman's career by tipping the scales for high-potential executives. It also benefits the organization, so it can't be left to chance. In Catalyst's report, Sponsoring Women to Success, which will be published in mid-August, we've found that organizations must create an environment where sponsorship thrives. An associated tool, Fostering Sponsorship Success Among High Performers and Leaders offers advice for high performers on how to set yourself up for sponsorship, as well as advice for leaders on how and why to be an effective sponsor.

The Catalyst Canada Honours is Almost Here

Time is running out to secure a table for our second annual The Catalyst Canada Honours. Book yours now to join business leaders including: Dinner Chair, Bill Downe, President & CEO, BMO Financial Group; Catalyst Canada Advisory Board Chair Rick Waugh, President & CEO, Scotiabank; and Catalyst Board of Directors Chair, James S. Turley, Chairman & CEO, Ernst & Young LLP. Program advertising remains available. The deadline for submitting ads is August 19.

Calling all Women's Networks Leaders — Something Special at Catalyst's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Are you a leading member of a women's network or an employee resource group (ERG)? If so, Catalyst is looking for you. Submit your name and email address to [email protected] to receive updates on events designed especially for women's ERGs. In particular, we invite you to join us at The Catalyst Awards Conference and 50th Anniversary Celebration, which takes place over two days on March 28 and 29, 2012. Stay tuned for further details and registration information in the coming months.

Connect with Catalyst Canada

Join Deborah Gillis, Senior Vice President, Membership & Global Operations, Catalyst, on September 14 for a Catalyst Connects event in Calgary. Ms. Gillis will interview two senior women leaders about their experiences in reaching the tops of their professions. The guest speakers, Dr. Elizabeth Cannon, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Calgary, and Anne Drinkwater, President and CEO, BP Canada Energy Company, will also provide advice to the high-potential women in the audience. The presentation will conclude with a networking session. Inquire at [email protected].

European Women Share the View from the Top

This fall, Catalyst Europe AG will launch its Executive Women's Platform, an opportunity for senior-level women to share perspectives and experiences around the workplace and discuss what interventions have the most impact. Beginning in Zurich, this event series will inspire conversation and action in various cities around Europe. Stay tuned for further details or contact us with questions.

Catalyst Europe + Your Organization = A Perfect Marriage

Catalyst Europe is currently scheduling a full menu of in-person and virtual, participant-driven discussions for 2012. Through these high-caliber events, we plan to showcase the thoughtful and innovative insights of our members in a variety of ways. Contact us for further information.

As We C It

Equality Down Under

Who would have thought to look "Down Under" for an example of how to mobilize a country to embrace gender diversity in the boardroom and throughout the business environment? By 2013, all Australian companies with 100 or more employees must report their gender statistics to the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA). Are companies taking this reporting requirement seriously? According to Deborah M. Soon, Senior Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, Catalyst, who has recently returned from a trip to Australia, "You bet! No one wants to see gender diversity mandated by the government." What the organizational diversity numbers will look like in 2013 when the first reports are due is yet to be seen. Read more about Deborah's journey.

Getting to The Root

Last month, Ilene blogged about sexism, "No matter what you call it—gender bias, systemic inequity, inequality, or discrimination—the belief that a woman is not as capable as a man simply because she is a woman is at the root of many challenges we face." She urged people to expose sexist messages in the media and the workplace for what they are, and reminded us that "only by saying something—and doing something—can we stop sexism at the source."

Polite? Or Just Inoffensive?

Canada recently celebrated 144 years of a Confederation based on the concepts of "'Peace, Order and good Government.' How appropriate for a nation whose dominant characteristic is politeness," wrote Deborah Gillis in last month's CanCon. "Do we achieve that peace and order in the community and in our workplaces by avoiding conversations that might raise sensitive issues?" Catalyst research suggests exactly that. "Isn't it time to eliminate the placid euphemisms from our workplaces and start the honest conversations that will lead to real understanding and inclusion?"

Employee Resource Groups (ERG's): Driving Inclusion or Slowing It Down?

Historically, ERGs were set up to provide support and networking opportunities for individuals distinguished by gender, ethnicity, and/or sexual orientation. The idea was to provide a forum for members to come together and "do something" for themselves or the company. The challenge of getting it right culturally, however, is crucial. How much do people want to be categorized? Do sub-groups drive inclusion or slow it down? More on the many facets of the ERG and its re-interpretation in Europe in this month's CORE.

Tweet of the Month

Next month will be the 1st time that 2 sister CEOs will run big US public companies: Campbell Soup Company & Frontier Communications Corporation. http://t11.me/2YE-UC

Catalyst Making Headlines

Catalyst research and staff were cited numerous times in July including: PBS Nightly Business Report - "Women in Leadership: Ellen Kullman, DuPont CEO"; "Power Couple: Meet the Sister CEOs"- The Wall Street Journal; Houston Chronicle - "Working: Where are the Women with CEO Jobs"; "Taking the Next Step" - CFO Magazine; and "UN Women Justice Report: Gender Equality Programmes Need Funding" - Guardian.

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