Apply for the Catalyst Award

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Showcase Your Organization's Initiatives to Advance Women 

The global Catalyst Award attracts organizations from around the world. Every year, Catalyst identifies and receives applications from companies of all sizes, regions, and industries, whose groundbreaking initiatives to advance women and diverse groups make them eligible for the Award. 

Focusing on diversity and inclusion (D&I) is a strategic imperative for global organizations. Catalyst research has shown that corporations that invest in women gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By applying for the Catalyst Award, your company or firm will:

  • Benefit from an external perspective on your organization’s culture and D&I efforts.

  • Showcase your internal and external strategies, talent, and progress.

  • Learn how to continuously improve your efforts.

  • Show your commitment to being an employer of choice.

Catalyst welcomes your application. Use this Eligibility Worksheet to help you determine whether your organization’s initiative is eligible for nomination for the Catalyst Award. As you prepare your submission materials, you may find it useful to review descriptions of previous Catalyst Award-winning programs.

Process and Criteria

The Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee is a team of internal and cross-functional Catalyst staff who specialize in evaluating organizational behavior and D&I initiatives. The Committee assesses submissions through research and telephone interviews, and selects a small number of initiatives to examine further during intensive, onsite visits. Through interviews and focus groups with executives, senior women, human resources professionals, and other employees, the Committee gauges each initiative’s effectiveness and impact. Organizations selected for site visits receive more than 500 hours of review, and may request a meeting to discuss strengths and opportunities for improvement with Committee members. The Committee and Catalyst executive leadership then determine the winners.

The Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee measures each nominated initiative on its own merit and against previous Award winners, the current pool of nominees, and the seven criteria listed below.

  • Strategy & Rationale

  • Senior Leadership Activities

  • Accountability & Transparency

  • Communication

  • Employee Engagement

  • Innovation

  • Measurable Results


  • Applications due and preliminary review (June).

  • Evaluations, including telephone interviews and additional data requests (June–August).

  • Selection for site visits (August–September).

  • Site visits (September–October).

  • Winner selection (December–January).

  • Public announcement of winners (January).

  • Awards Conference and Dinner (March/April).


Applications for the 2018 Catalyst Award are due June 2, 2017.

The forms listed below constitute a complete Catalyst Award application packet. The completed application must not exceed 35 pages, address all questions in the order in which they appear, include the primary contact’s signature, and be submitted by email. In addition, please mail us the CEO or Managing Partner/Director Attendance Verification Form, with original signatures, and the Nomination Fee Form. Please refer to the Award application for additional instructions and contact details.

Please contact Laura Sabattini, Chair, Catalyst Award Evaluation Committee, if you have any questions.