About Catalyzing

Catalyzing is Catalyst’s premier online, global community for diversity and inclusion leaders who are interested in accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion. It features personal narratives, business and career advice, one-on-one interviews, and valuable tips—including from CEOs and executives at top global corporations, professional firms, governments, NGOs, and educational institutions—to strengthen and support your professional journey.

Whether you’re a Millennial seeking advice about how to navigate the early stages of your career, an individual who is pondering the idea of making a career transition and looking for pointers from people who have “been there and done that,” or a chief diversity officer searching for tips from experts on how to create change within your company, there’s something on Catalyzing for you.

We want to hear your story! If you’re interested in contributing to Catalyzing, contact Tia T. Gordon at [email protected] or Ally Flack at [email protected].

The following is a full list of our blog series:

Ask Deborah

Each month, Catalyst President & CEO Deborah Gillis candidly answers a question submitted by a reader, tackling issues such as gender parity, visible communities, LGBTQI rights, current events, and personal career mistakes head on through her monthly column, “Ask Deborah.” Is there something that you want to ask Deborah? Send your question to [email protected] and it may be featured.

Millennial Voices

Millennials are reshaping the global workforce and marketplace. Written by and for Millennials, our “Millennial Voices” series gathers a collective of relatable experiences, provides advice, and builds a sense of community among young professionals who are trying to forge their careers.

Ask a Catalyst Expert

Looking for advice on steps to take toward landing a corporate board seat? Want to diversify your workplace, but you’re unsure of where to start? Need a career sponsor or mentor but you’re not sure how to go about finding one? We’ve got you covered. Our “Ask a Catalyst Expert” series features questions from readers that are answered by one of our organization’s knowledgeable leading authorities on diversity and inclusion. Is there something that you would like to ask one of our experts? Send your question to [email protected] and it may be featured on our blog.

Profiles in Disruption

You can’t make change in the world without stepping up, speaking out, and taking bold action to shake up the status quo. Business leaders across the world are disrupting the default and challenging the norm. Our “Profiles in Disruption” series highlights individuals who are doing just that, whether it is in their personal or professional endeavors. Are you someone who is effectively making change or do you know of someone who is?  Share your stories with us. Contact Tia T. Gordon at [email protected] or Ally Flack at [email protected]


Our “#WomenCan” series spotlights women across the globe who are top industry leaders generating change in the workplace. Each profile captures the essence of their career journey, mentions individuals who have been influential in their lives, and provides valuable advice for other women who are looking to lead. Do you know someone who should be featured in our “#WomenCan” series? Are you a senior-level woman who is changing the game and would like to share your story? Contact Tia T. Gordon at [email protected] or Ally Flack at [email protected]

Open Submissions

Whether you’re an academic, industry leader, expert, or a simply a professional who believes that your career experiences will be valuable learning tool for others, we’d like to hear from you. The stories on our blog center on women, business, gender equality, diversity and inclusion, and Millennials. If your story is aligned with those topics, please submit your blog idea along with writing samples to Tia T. Gordon at [email protected] or All Flack at [email protected]